10 lawn mowers tried by a gardener. pros and cons


Which machines are most used and appreciated by green professionals? We asked a professional gardener to choose 10 petrol lawn mowers, among those he used in his professional activity, and indicate the strengths and those to be improved. GardenTV interviewed Luigi Pinna, a professional gardener for a green maintenance and design company. The article does not intend to propose a ranking or a comparative and no company has sponsored this content.

What do you do ?
I am a greenery maintainer or more simply a professional gardener.

How many years have you been doing this?
Professionally for 8 years, but since I was 14 I was passionate about gardening.

Do you have your own company, and for how many years?
No, I work for a company that deals with maintenance and green design.

How many lawnmowers have you tried in your professional life?
To date I think I've tried about 30, bought 15.

Of all the models of lawnmowers you have tried, choose 10 and tell us what the pros and cons are.
Sabo 54 pro k vario b plus.
It is a professional model, a real green gem, with Yamaha 189cc motorized self-propelled movement, in die-cast aluminum guaranteed for 15 years.
Pros: the ergonomic handle is very comfortable and foldable. The Turbostar system allows excellent harvesting, and blade start-up is very fast. The mower is also very quiet.
Cons: The maneuvers are a bit limited in small spaces. The weight, 63 kg, makes it necessary to have a ramp for loading the van.

Honda Hrh 536
A professional hydrostatic lawnmower, a historic model and perhaps the best known among professionals.
Pros: it has excellent suction even on very wet grass, thanks to a very powerful engine.
Cons: the cutting height adjustment levers are quite weak and risk breaking in the long run. The handle is not entirely ergonomic and the lawnmower is quite noisy.

Kaaz lm5360 hxa
A professional model, ready to fight even in the toughest working conditions, thanks to a power made in Japan Honda gxv 160 pro.
Pros: mounts a high load blade for better collection, can count on excellent suction. The aluminum wheels guarantee excellent grip and excellent traction.
Cons: the traction lever is sometimes lacking and the handle is not ergonomic enough.

Weibang wb537SCVAL
A novelty from Cormik: a professional lawnmower with 7hp engine, 53 cm cutting width, very robust.
Pros: good suction, and good grip thanks to smooth wheels. The basket is large and sturdy.
Cons: the 3 speed gears to be engaged with the lawnmower stopped. The lawnmower is sometimes rigid in its movements and it is necessary to get used to the blade engagement lever.

Prostripe Toro 560
An elegant and professional lawnmower suitable for prestigious gardens, in particular for those who want to obtain a striped effect.
Pros: It is very convenient to use and the collection turns out excellent. It has a good grip thanks also to the rear roller. The cutting heights are also adjustable to intermediate size and it is very quiet.
Cons: the speed lever on the body must be inserted with the engine off. The handle is not very ergonomic and cannot be folded. More engine power, increasing the revs, would give it better performance.

Active 5850 svb
Made in Italy with 190 cc 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton 850e series engine and 50 cm cutting width, with aluminum body.
Pros: it is a very light lawnmower with good suction and a very large basket. It is very manageable.
Cons: the tank is small, and the wheel supports could be more robust, to avoid some mechanical problems.

Kubota w 821 pro
A lawnmower with cardan transmission with 2 gears 6 hp 179 cc, very similar to the main top-of-the-range models of other manufacturers (Hrh Kaaz).
Pros: good harvest and good pulling speed.
Cons: the handlebars are not foldable and is sometimes rigid and limited with 2 gears.

Toro sr 4 super recyrcle
Die-cast aluminum body with Briggs and Stratton 675 ex engine.
Pros: the variable speed thanks to the Toro Vario system, the weight of only 33 kg and a very good cutting and harvesting quality. It can mulch and it does it really well.
Cons: the only flaw is the slightly poor engine: the car deserves more power!

Husqvarna MOD LC140S
Good value for money.
Pros: a very light model. Easy adjustment of the cutting height. The handle is ergonomic.
Cons: the engine could be more powerful. The small basket makes it suitable for slightly more demanding hobbyists.

Oleomac max53 vbd alluminium
Pros: light, it guarantees a discreet collection (better if motoriz

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