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10 most beautiful parks in Italy

The 10 most beautiful parks in Italy


At the end of the summer we will know which are the most beautiful gardens in Italy, but in the meantime the names of the 10 finalists selected to compete for the "The most beautiful park in Italy" have been revealed. It will be a unique edition for the two-year period 2020-2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
the scientific committee of the network Il Parco Più Bello presents the new itinerary of selected parks and gardens.
A path through labyrinths, castles and historic houses where the scent of flowers, the vivacity of the colors of ancient plants and trees are once again made available to an audience of enthusiasts for unforgettable excursions and walks between architecture and landscape, between nature and culture.

Saussurea Alpine Botanical Garden (Aosta Valley)
Glacial promontory part of the Mont Blanc massif, where a simple walk in the mountains is enriched with colors, scents and botanical information.

Villa Monastero, Varenna (Lombardy)
Important natural and landscape complex of great attraction, on the eastern shore of Lake Como.

Botanical Gardens Villa Taranto, Verbania Pallanza (Piedmont)
Garden with extraordinary splashes of color and floral attraction par excellence of Lake Maggiore.

Royal Gardens of Venice
Recently restored public gardens in Venice, in the San Marco basin, a rich and luxuriant place surrounded by water.

Bufalini Castle, Perugia
Large park surrounding the castle consisting of a wooded area with centuries-old holm oaks and an "Italian-style" garden.

Duino Castle, Trieste
(Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Park overlooking the sea that winds on various levels, with expanses and cascades of flowers of all varieties that form suggestive patches of color in the classic Mediterranean vegetation.

Gardens of Villa della Pergola, Alassio
Rare example of a Mediterranean park with an extraordinary collection of Agapanthus, unique in Europe, and plants of the exotic flora.

Labyrinth of the Masone, Fontanellato
(Emilia Romagna)
Complex wanted by Franco Maria Ricci near Parma, made entirely with bamboo plants of over 200 different species.

Castle of Celsa, Siena
Italian-style garden in which the alternation and fusion of wild parts with formal elements gives rise to a situation of great balance.

Villa Tasca, Palermo
One of the most emblematic gardens of nineteenth-century Sicilian Romanticism, a historic residence, a family home, a few steps from the heart of Palermo.
By the end of the summer, among these ten finalists, the Scientific Committee will choose the two winners, respectively for the Public Parks category and for the Private Parks category.

The Scientific Committee is made up of six experts in the sector: Vincenzo Cazzato (president, University of Salento, for years coordinator of the ministerial committee for the study and conservation of historic gardens), Alberta Campitelli (former Director of the Villas and Historical Parks Office of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Rome), MarcelloFagiolo (former President of the National Committee for the Study and Conservation of Historic Gardens), Ines Romitti (AIAPP-IFLA landscape architect), Luigi Zangheri (former President of the International Scientific Committee for Landscapes cultural ICOMOS-IFLA), Margherita Azzi Visentini (Polytechnic of Milan).

The "The Most Beautiful Park" Competition is an initiative of the architect Leandro Mastria, President of the Organizing Secretariat, with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, the Ministry of the Environment, UNESCO, ACI and with the adhesion of the FAI (Fund for the Italian Environment) and AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture).

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