The 20 greenest cities in Italy


Trento is the greenest city in Italy. This is established by the “Urban ecosystem” report drawn up by Legambiente and Ambiente Italia. This is the 28th edition of the survey, which analyzes 18 parameters grouped into 5 macro-areas: air, water, waste, mobility, environment.
The data was collected for 105 Italian provincial capitals on the basis of what was achieved in 2020.
The final classification sees Trento in first place, followed by Reggio Emilia and Mantua. Among the 18 parameters taken into consideration, for each of which a partial ranking has been defined, two refer to the availability of public parks.
For the item "Trees in areas of public property", which indicates the number of trees per 100 inhabitants, the first place is for Cuneo (190 trees per 100 inhabitants), in the second Modena (115 trees per 100 inhabitants) and in the third Trieste (102).
Another parameter concerns the urban green, that is the number of square meters per inhabitant. In this case, Matera wins (995 m2 per inhabitant), followed by Trento (399 m2 per inhabitant) and Rieti (337 m2 per inhabitant).
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