30 gardens to visit in the fall


More than 30 gardens, from Trentino Alto Adige to Sicily, to discover ancient and rare trees and dive into the charm of foliage, among the vibrant colors of autumn.
Great Italian Gardens and Husqvarna present the project "The enchanted woods Husqvarna", a journey of 33 must-see gardens in the autumn months, where you can walk among the colors of foliage and explore the long history of trees and plants that live here.
"As we know - explain the organizers - the care of forests is critical to enhancing the heritage sometimes with mature trees in the garden each: with this event, Husqvarna, the largest manufacturer of professional equipment for the care of the forest and garden, puts available to owners of the most beautiful gardens in Italy visited their specific expertise in the care of forests ".
The initiatives in the gardens are many: for the children fairy tales readings, under ancient trees, walks and historical insights, to learn that the garden is often part of a bigger picture, even farming where once forestry was important to provide firewood firewood.
Within three months so, you can watch the spectacle of nature discovering rare specimens, both genre and age, which will be specially marked in any garden.
The complete route list 'The enchanted woods Husqvarna', the event times and openings on www.grandigiardini.it site.
"From Route 'I Boschi enchanted Husqvarna', we report the performance of the Valsugana where the immense alpine forest takes the magnificent colors, from golden yellow, bright orange to deep burgundy, to frame the works of Arte Sella - continue to be great Italian Gardens and Husqvarna - in autumn you can see the cypress in the Giardino Giusti in Verona, under which Goethe wrote his travelogue, or the vast expanse of woods that depart from the Oasis Zegna and lead the eye towards the mountains Viso.
The Enchanted Forest for excellence is The Sacred Wood of Bomarzo. This 'folly', hidden in the woods of Viterbo, is a milestone in art history. Imaginative sculptures hidden in nature are full of suggestion esoteric path.
The park of the Royal Palace covers 120 hectares and includes the English park by Maria Carolina de Bourbon, sister of Marie Antoinette. English suggested by Ambassador William Hamilton, the garden has another English botanist John Graefer, his extraordinary collection of trees.
The use of trees in the landscaped gardens was introduced in the late eighteenth century, to create that effect of informal landscaped garden that makes it so fascinating climb up on top of the Park to discover specimens from around the world.
Also noteworthy Villa Cicogna Mozzoni in Bisuschio (Varese), a former hunting house where, in its woods is said that the ancestors have even chased a bear!
Do not miss the visit of Villa Melzi with its stylish collection of Japanese Maples, small cut trees from refined demeanor, where every leaf seems painted.
Discover then the swamp cypresses, the Isle of Garda (San Felice del Benaco, BS), trace their roots directly in the lake seem sentries that protect the small island by the wind ".


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