5 things a gardener must have (on)


The profession of the gardener certainly needs tools, but also correct clothing, which respects the regulations and allows those who work to do it in total safety. Too often, unfortunately, workers without the necessary protections are observed, exposing themselves to very serious risks for themselves and others.

As is obvious, accidents at work do not spare gardeners: just think that in 2017 Inail recorded about 1,200 accidents at work in the field of green maintenance, of which 6 with a fatal outcome. And that the most common are those that affect the hands, often due to the lack of gloves or the use of the wrong PPE. Hence the need to carefully choose, and knowing the standards, the PPE necessary to work safely.

Taking advantage of this period of business interruption, GardenTV therefore proposes a list of mandatory PPE for green operators, whether they are "newbies", or more experienced, to review the accident prevention regulations and work in safety.

Reference standard: UNI EN 397


PPE to protect the garment are divided according to three different regulations. Those most used by gardeners are defined by standard EN 397 (fall of loads from above). The helmets protect the top of the head and must always be worn correctly during work.

Like all PPE, it is important that they bear the CE mark.
To correctly choose the activity to be carried out, it is necessary to know the marking criteria provided by the technical standards. Watch the video>

Reference standard: UNI EN 166

Accidents due to the projection of foreign bodies in the eyes are many but their number is underestimated since the prognosis normally does not exceed three days.

Even minor injuries can have serious visual consequences. For this reason, choosing a correct PPE is essential to avoid serious consequences.
All PPE must have the CE mark on the frame but this does not imply that the PPE is suitable for all risks.

To choose it correctly, read the marking on the frame or on the lens of the glasses. Watch the explanation in the video>

Reference standard: UNI EN 458

To choose the right headphones, several factors must be taken into account, including the level of attenuation of the noise and the expected time of use, or the need to hear background noises or signals.

The parameters shown on the marking allow you to correctly define for which activities the headphones are indicated. Watch the video with the teacher's advice>


Reference standard: UNI EN 388

The hand is the part of the body most involved in workplace accidents. The choice of a correct PPE, based on the activities to be carried out, is therefore essential to avoid serious consequences.

All PPE must have the CE mark but this does not imply that the PPE is suitable for all risks: the marking on the glove allows you to understand which jobs it is suitable for.
We must also remember to check the deadline: with the passage of time and with use, performance levels may drop. Finally, it is very important that the glove is the right size and take care of maintenance. Follow the instructions in the video>

Reference standard: UNI EN ISO 13688: 2013

There are different types of clothing according to the activity to be carried out. In general, clothing, in addition to being ergonomic, must prevent the user from being dragged by moving parts and must be suitable for any risks present in the environment.

Like all PPE, it must have the CE mark. The marking contains the indications for the activities for which it is adequate and some specific pictograms that define for example the clothing for use of the chainsaw and the high visibility one. Watch the video and find out more>

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