Fiskars scissors are 50 years old


The story begins 50 years ago in a village in Finland called Fiskars. There were the scissors with the orange handle which today the same company celebrates the anniversary.
Since then, the scissors with the orange handle and the stainless steel blades have entered the houses with the most diverse functions, including garden work, so as to become a clessical designer and deserve the exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of New York, among the icons of the Nordic style.
A curiosity: the orange color of the handles, a feature that distinguishes Scissors Fiskars, was born in 1967 alone. It turned out that the orange color, left in the car that had produced a small household appliance shortly before, was used to make a color test on Scissors handles.
It was then the vote among the factory workers to decide the color of the handles of the new scissors. The colors available were orange, red carmine and black.
Orange won 9 votes in favor against 7 opponents, and thus became the distinctive feature of scissors that would become an icon of Nordic design sold worldwide over a billion copies.
In 2017, Fiskars will collect stories inspired by orange scissors told by artists, designers and influencers from all over the world.
Stories inspired by Fiskars scissors with orange handles can be found on as well as in Design Museum Helsinki, where a dedicated exhibition will be held in September 2017.

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