The school year 2022/2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the School of Minoprio, an institution that has made the green, agricultural and agri-food sector its mission. From October 2022 until October 2023, events, meetings, scientific conferences and exhibitions will be organized that have no melancholy or self-congratulatory will, but the intention to start from the history of the sector and from the history of the school to relaunch the Minoprio Foundation in the future, so that it is once again, in an incisive way, a reference point for innovative and modern training, applied research and dissemination, which ride on issues such as the green economy, technological innovation, social inclusion, agricultural digitization, sustainability , biodiversity ... Themes studied and developed daily by students and teachers of the School.

After a presentation of the program to the press, in October 2022 the sixtieth anniversary will be inaugurated at the same time as the school year. The central theme that will unite the events will be the sustainable use of the land.

Key moments in the busy calendar will be participation in the 2022 and 2023 editions of Orticolario. In fact, as Elias Bordoli, President of the Minoprio Foundation points out, “the School of Minoprio has always strongly believed in the Orticolario project for advanced gardening. In the various editions, the students collaborated in the construction of the Central Pavilion and various exhibition spaces, making experiences of great educational and creative value. Our presence aims to capture every inspiration, to make it our own and make it usable for the whole sector ".

Moritz Mantero, President of Orticolario, scheduled this year from 29 September to 2 October at Villa Erba, adds: "An important milestone for a partner who has always collaborated with our event. We are happy to continue together, also out of respect for the landscape architect Emilio Trabella, one of the founders of Orticolario and a student in the school's first year. The Minoprio Foundation is an institution known throughout the country, it is essential to pay attention to its continuity. Therefore, in harmony with the young President, who immediately expressed interest in our event, we will adequately underline this goal, which will then prove to be a new beginning ”.

The application of the theme of sustainable land use in the Minoprio Foundation will also take the form of improvements to the structures and reducing materials that impact the ecosystem.
On these issues, students will be involved in various educational projects that will make theoretical work concrete and put it into practice, showing it to the public with meetings, insights, fixed or periodic exhibitions in the park.

Among the scheduled events:
- in the autumn the students will sit in the chair, giving lessons on the topics they are passionate about;
-in spring, with the involvement of students, alumni, sponsoring companies, media and associations, a major event will be organized whose leitmotif will be "the culture of beauty" with the setting up throughout the park of various exhibition and demonstration stands, competitions , exhibitions, paths dedicated to the talents of the students, creation of ad hoc flower beds;
- alumni will be invited monthly to tell their story and their passion.

Will be organized:
-technical scientific conferences;
- seminars dedicated to disability;
-cultural interventions in collaboration with the municipal and provincial administrations of the territory.

On 19 September at the Minoprio Vaprio Foundation, Zanoni of Green Design will present the project for the Central Pavilion to the students and the availability of young people to actively participate in the event will be collected.

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