Abruzzo is the region where it does more gardening


What relationship Italians have with gardening? To find the e-commerce site ManoMano.it conducted a survey through the web and social, which revealed that although with some different distribution, the care of the green is a particularly popular with Italians.
"As much as 70% of respondents - we read in the results. He declares to carry it out on a regular basis: 37% of respondents are dedicated to gardening at least once a week and 9% once a month and 24% at least once a day. Only 10% say they never have approached this hobby ".
Gardening is also an activity for everyone, regardless of age and gender. It is no coincidence that the data indicates a very fair division of sexes among gardening enthusiasts (52.8% women and 47.2% men), as well as a predilection on the part of older people for this activity: the totality of those over 55 respondents claimed to pay particular attention to the cultivation of vegetable gardens and care of flowers and plants every week; in second place, the band between 26 and 34 years.
Winning the title of most green Abruzzo region, with 93.7% of respondents claiming to dedicate a week to the care of flowers and plants, it is the region where gardening becomes more throughout Italy. Bringing up the rear is Lombardy, the region where 45% of respondents claimed to never, or very rarely, gardening.
These figures reflect the situation of the respective areas of belonging: Southern Italy seems to have a particular fondness for this activity, with the majority of the regions that is very predisposed to green thumb (85%), while the North is what the question " how often do you go out? "provided the highest number of negative responses (45%).
Replies in positive majority for the center, where 67% of respondents say they devote themselves to the care of their green spaces, even if only occasionally.
But what are the most popular activity among Italians? Planting, watering and fertilizing flowers and plants is the favorite activities from 84% of respondents. Followed mow the lawn and prune the hedges (36%) and grow a garden (29%), while the cultivation of fruit trees seems only appreciated by 19% of respondents.


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