Accident at work in Milan, two dead and one seriously injured


The accident occurred yesterday at the Noverasco Golf Club in Opera, a southern suburb of Milan. It is ten o'clock in the morning and pruning work is underway on a tall tree, with the help of a platform. Suddenly, the basket on which the operators are located falls to the ground. Two people die, a third is seriously injured. The news bounces among insiders: one of the victims is Angelo Zanin, a well-known and appreciated arborist. Later, messages of condolences came from many colleagues, and from industry associations.
In addition to Zanin, a 69-year-old man also lost his life who, according to information reported by the national press, worked for the platform's rental company. A young 21-year-old operator was also involved, transported to hospital with major trauma. According to the first reconstructions of the fire brigade, only he and Zanin wore the harness for work at height: among the hypotheses there is therefore that the two were on the basket (about fifteen meters high), while the other victim was on the ground.
However, there are still numerous points to be clarified and the police forces will have to think about this now, also making use of the work of the experts, to understand why the basket fell and what caused the breakage of the mechanical arm.
Many wanted to express their condolences, even virtually.
Thus AIPV, the Italian Association of Green Professionals, a few hours after the accident: "Today the association is in mourning, three professional expert colleagues of the Green, were involved in an accident at work, two victims and one seriously injured . In the accident, unfortunately, our partner, founder of AIPV, Angelo Zanin died. Professional expert, ETW arborist, treeclimber and trainer. From AIPV the deepest condolences to the families involved, while with great apprehension we remain vigilant on the conditions of the injured young colleague, wishing us all the best for him".
Later, SIA, the Italian Arboriculture Society, also joined in the condolences: “Angelo Zanin was a great tree professional, who left us today due to a tragic accident while doing the job he loved so much. We are all dismayed. We lose a friend, a colleague, a partner. Hi Angelo, a big hug to your family”.
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