For better management of the condominium gardens


A new collaboration between those who take care of the green and those who manage the buildings, to enhance the condominium gardens, of which unfortunately, very often, the importance is forgotten. The agreement signed a few days ago by Anaci and Assofloro intends to combine the two associations' skills and experiences to arrive - as a final goal - to "regenerate cities from an environmental and livability point of view", thanks to the green.
An ambitious goal, of which the protocol represents the first step: "it is very useful to make people understand the importance of the real estate administrator also in relation to the condominium green", says Francesco Burrelli, President of Anaci "because he is responsible for gather the most qualified figures for the management of the sector's activities, putting the condominiums in the condition of being able to see the work carried out in the best possible way ".
The paradox, says Nada Forbici, president of Assofloro, is that despite the fact that the value of green is increasingly recognized, especially in big cities, and that more and more attention is dedicated to it, "anyone is still allowed to" get their hands on ". But an improvised management of the green, for example through drastic pruning, or to wrong choices of the type of trees and shrubs, can compromise and cancel the benefits on the environment and on health. Since last year, that of the gardener is a profession recognized at a juridical level and a specific training course is foreseen. It is therefore important to entrust the care of the green areas to trained personnel, capable of operating with quality and in compliance with the regulations, in particular those on safety and allocating the necessary resources to the green, because for every euro invested they return three in benefits for the environment, health and the economy and, on the contrary, improvised interventions can cause irreversible damage and increase management costs ".
The protocol foresees the establishment of a permanent national table, for the comparison on the issues concerning the condominium green and to produce guidelines and guidance documents for a better management of the condominium green.
In the photo, the signing of the protocol by Francesco Burrelli (President of Anaci) and Nada Forbici (President of Assofloro), in Perugia, on 25 May, on the occasion of the Anaci National Council


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