Adopt a plant to save the garden


If the Coronavirus emergency has closed the park gates, nature has not stopped and not even the necessary maintenance of the important green heritage of Villa Carlotta, a famous destination on Lake Como. For this reason, to overcome the "very serious loss" caused by the heavy delay in the start of the season, the Villa Carlotta Authority is now asking for help from friends, supporters and lovers of this place, inviting them to symbolically adopt one of the 300 plants in the park.
Donations of different amounts are foreseen to contribute to the beauty of the park.
As always, rhododendrons and azaleas gave spectacular blooms in April. With the only difference that nobody has been able to enjoy it live this year. They explain from Villa Carlotta: «Within a few weeks the doors to the public will be reopened: every possible precaution has been studied and implemented to make the visit to the people who choose to spend a day here safe and peaceful. But the two months of delay on the start of the season have constituted a very serious loss for an institution such as the Ente Villa Carlotta, which has managed to maintain, for almost 100 years, the treasures of the museum and the park solely thanks to the sale of tickets entrance to the public ".
Hence the proposal of "Adopt a plant, save Beauty". "It was decided to gather all friends and supporters with an initiative aimed at supporting this little wonder of our country, a project that will remain active over time even after the emergency period we are experiencing, in order to better preserve a common heritage ».
Almost 300 "adoptable" plants of the park have been classified and each has been assigned a symbolic value.
The list of trees and bushes is very long and varied: from the imposing centuries-old wisteria, to the magnolias, sequoias, locust trees, plane trees and birches. For a year from the donation, the tree or plant that the donor will virtually take care of will be named after him and some benefits will be recognized with respect to the help offered.
5% of any donation of any amount (100, 250, 500, 1.000, 5.000 €) will be paid into a fund which will reset the cost of the entrance ticket (on the occasion of school trips / educational activities) for children with economic difficulties. Schools will be informed of this possibility and will be able to report the need thus allowing inclusion.
To donate, just visit the institutional website ( and go to the page dedicated to the project to which you are redirected directly from the homepage.
For years, Villa Carlotta has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world and many are those who maintain contact through the site and social platforms and carry it in their hearts; the hope is to raise awareness of those who have enjoyed its beauty and have been able to see the dedication with which the entire structure is cared for and maintained, but also those who have not yet had the opportunity to do so and will take advantage of an all-Italian summer to plan a new Grand Tour on Lake Como and rediscover one of the most loved areas in the world of our beautiful country.


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