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Adriano Canè

The company now run by Adriano Canè, in Carbonia, Sardinia, was founded in 1987. By inheriting from his father the passion for the care of green spaces, Adriano decided to turn it into a real profession, selling equipment for gardening , agricultural and forestry machines, plus all the accessories and spare parts. Together with the various equipment Canè company also sells all products, accessories and clothing, needed to work in complete safety.

The range on offer includes equipment of all types and for all needs, but only reputable brands for the excellent quality of their products. Who goes to Adriano Canè looking for any instrument, you know that you will find only the excellence in the sector: equipment robust, reliable and efficient to carry out any kind of work. Although he has only two employees, the company is fully capable of serving a clientele that comes even outside the region.

The activity intensifies especially during the summer, when the influx of tourists leads to the reopening of villas, estates, farms and villages which therefore require different maintenance works. The company Adriano Canè also provides equipment to government agencies, utility companies, municipalities, and regional departments.
Since 1987

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Adriano Canè
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