Advanced course of felling and management of the chain saw


An advanced training course for professionals of the green, led by Svante svedere Hansson, one of the highest standards of occupational safety experts and advanced abatement with the chain saw: Training 3T organized for may 28-30 a path of "advanced techniques of the chain saw felling and management".
"Svante Hansson - the organizers explain - teaches how to use advanced felling techniques, still little known in Italy. It is a revolutionary system for those who have never worked with the Northern European techniques".
The aim of this advanced course is to develop the skills of the operator running knockdowns in the foot.
The course teaches how to work with the highest level of safety parameters, in all situations.
Svante shows how to handle dangerous situations while minimizing the risks, even in the most difficult conditions; how to control the fall of the plant with the confidence to drop it exactly where we set.
In this way, in addition to security, increase our productivity because we eliminate those unforeseen events that may cause us to lose so much time and energy.

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