Advanced tree climbing course


Two training days (for a total of 16 hours) during which advanced knowledge on access and movement is provided within the tree crown: this is the program of the advanced tree climbing course organized by 3T Training.
The next session will be held in Monza (Collegio della Guastalla) on April 23rd and 24th.
The Advanced Tree Climbing course has a duration of two days during which the trainee is provided with more advanced knowledge regarding access and movement within the tree crown.
"In recent years due to work necessities and because of the do-it-yourself connected to social media, yes is lost what is called Best Practice, which is good working practice. The use of the correct working method is decisive above all for safety, but not only, also for productivity related to the reduction of the workload of our body. Many times the correlated stress leads to an increase in the risk of accidents and lower productivity at work ", they explain from the 3T Training.
For these reasons we have created a 16-hour course that starts from access, to movement in the plant, to the reduction of pendulum risks through the best work strategies.
We will talk about the right technique and the right equipment for a specific situation.
During the course will be taken into account the various movements and operations that usually the operator must perform during the work. For each step will be provided information on techniques that can make them faster and less tiring, always considering the safety factors.
Starting from the layout of the work in plan, that is a correct division of the spaces and the organizational geometries to make the work more efficient and less expensive from the physical point of view, we will then analyze tree climbing techniques that allow outputs and re-entries on more comfortable and safe branches.
Various work and positioning systems will be tested, considering different equipment and different types of clutch nodes.
During the advanced tree climbing course, always supported by the instructors in the plan, important indications will be given regarding the trainee's posture in executing exits, re-entries and positioning on the branches.
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