A meeting with the king of orchids


Its flowers are famous worldwide: Frank Roelke, the German floriculture Rolke Orchideenzuch, will participate on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February at special days of exposure and training on orchids organized by Flover.
Roelke show its specimens and will give advice on the best care and most suitable. The Flover courses are aimed at anyone who wants to learn the proper techniques of cultivation and conservation of orchids; The event is scheduled for Saturday 4th and February 11th from 16 to 18 in Bussolengo, Sunday 12 to Ca David, Saturday 18 to Flywheel.
"The exhibition - the organizers explain - will be an unmissable opportunity to have exceptional consulting with Operation SOS orchid. Visitors can bring their own plan and showing it to collectors and experts, who will assess all you will need to get the perfect bloom. "
It is not all because this year the exhibition Flover organized also a special course dedicated to the butterflies, which can be admired in an exotic setting perfectly recreated.


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