Agricultural printing, seeding is how to print


Benedikt Gross is a young German designer with a passion for art and digital technology, which applied in a very original way on the interests including in agriculture. Has designed a tractor, using GPS and GIS systems, it has built on an area of 11.5 hectares, the first agricultural printing" .The tractor functions as a printer using, instead of ink, the seeds of plants. The machine deposits the seeds on the ground following a pattern designed at the computer, the result was the creation of a field that consists of 85% of oats and 15% from various species of flowers, with data in binary code contained in a USB key . The advantage of using digital agriculture would be to be able to have a control algorithmic of planting and a considerable increase of the diversity culture. The "precision farming" could eliminate the expanses of monocultures, where a proliferation of plant diseases and insect pests where, because of which have used large amounts of pesticides, are extremely durable. Also agriculture would allow digital compensation zones environmental, green corridors or not cultivated, where it would be possible to re-establish dialogue between fauna and flora, avoid depletion of the soil. Currently, the only obstacle to the spread of this technology is cost, but Gross is certain that within 5-10 years the equipment becomes more affordable and accessible to all."

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