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The opportunity to learn how to put your garden in a pot, realize hedges beautiful to look at, good to eat, useful for bees, birds and insects friends and create a Garden in a box!So many women for an unusual event, from the countryside to the city, Inch Pink and Women in Field, together for the first edition of the Exhibition agriculture goes to Italy, on 29-30 November in Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Florence: flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, whole world of green feast for the eyes, scents of plants to ancient recipes and modern plants to contemplate, plants to eat with your eyes and delicious recipes, a world created by women strong and tender, as the flowers grow, strong and fragile, like plants that look at the sky, warm and motherly, supportive and close to many other women:Inch Pink is directly involved in supporting social, through the sale of its plants and with the campaign Adopt a plate Fiorita", the Association and the Center for Anti-Violence 365giornialfemminile Liberetutte.The center brings together women, often with minor children, victims of intra-family violence or otherwise, and helps them to regain autonomy in terms of employment, housing and parental reentering society."

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