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Agrifarma di Targa Mauro

The garden center La Valle del Fiore was born from the evolution of a small agrarian, the Agrifarma, already active since 1962 in the city of Pordenone. At the beginning the only area it covers is agriculture, with the provision to farms of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and feed. Over the years and with the increasing passion and culture for the green, the focus starts to turn also to garden lovers and in 2010, finally, La Valle del Fiore opened to the public. The garden, today, is dedicated in particular to the cultivation and sale of plants, furnishings, tools, and gardening tools. So we want to meet the needs of those who, although living in the city, want to stay in contact with nature combining tradition and modernity. With us you can find many ideas for the garden, vegetable garden, terrace, balcony and from the interior of the house, without forgetting your animal friends. Our knowledgeable and passionate will always help you to offer advice on the world of green.
Since 1962

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Friuli Venezia Giulia
Company headquarter
Agrifarma di Targa Mauro
Via Nuova di Corva 79 A/B, Pordenone (PN)

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