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Agrimacchine SAS

The Agrimacchine company was founded in 1957 in Trecate (NO) proposing itself for the marketing of equipment for the agricultural sector, quickly establishing itself thanks to the entrepreneurial ability, a constant commitment to research and the professional preparation of the staff.
In 1987, taking advantage of the experience gained in the drying and storage field, the Sozzago office was opened, dedicated to the construction of the AGR series dryers, which quickly established themselves on the market for the simplicity and ductility of the product.
In 2014 the Vercelli office was opened with specialized technicians above all in assistance on combine harvesters, becoming the only reality in the area able to follow the customer in all phases of work, from preparation of the soil to conservation of the product.
After four generations:
Del Bo 'Luigi
Del Bo 'Giovanni
Del Bo 'clementina
Airoldi Lorenzo and Taddi Alessandra
Agrimacchine is constantly evolving but always present with a single goal: to satisfy an increasingly prepared and demanding clientele with seriousness and competence.

Since 1957


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Agrimacchine SAS
Via Galileo Ferraris 30, 28069 Trecate (NO)

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