Agrofarma: the campaign on food safety


The foods that arrive daily on our tables are safe? This is the question that arises Agrofarma - National Association of agrochemicals business that is part of Federchimica - on the occasion of World Food Day, promoting its awareness campaign on the issue of food security. With the #SiamoSicuri video (the video is visible on GardenTV), the Association wants to answer many doubts and myths on the subject, which are increasingly found space in the media debate and public opinion, through the arguments of Science, who on this occasion as an authoritative spokesman Prof. Chiara Tonelli, Professor of Genetics at the University of Milan and President of the scientific Commission of the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi. #SiamoSicuri Therefore wish to clarify once and for all on the issue of so-called food safety and data in hand, to reassure consumers about the quality and safety of food products of our Made in Italy. It's the same EFSA, moreover, to confirm our country as a European leader in food safety, due to the lower number of food products with residues in excess of allowable limits (0.4%). The European Food Safety Authority, in its annual report on the crop protection products, it shows how out of about 79 thousand samples of 647 different types of food, in more than 97% of cases have been observed residue limits set by European legislation. These data are the result of rigorous and continuous verification that the Italian fruit and vegetables is submitted, therefore, that allow to guarantee the highest safety standards for consumers. The results of the EFSA report also confirms also the latest figures published by the Official Report of the Ministry of Health Pesticides (year 2011) on the presence of residues in fruits and vegetables grown in Italy. These results demonstrate an obvious commitment of the entire agricultural sector for sustainable agriculture, a total guarantee of consumer health - says Andrea Barella, President of Agrofarma - It is definitely a great source of pride to see that our country is undisputed excellence in terms of quality and sustainability of the products, confirming once again the leader in Europe in the field of food security"."


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