Agrotechnics: access to the register also with master's degree


With the ruling of the Council of State made known in recent days, a question that has long been closed between the National College of Agrotechnics and Agrotechnics graduates and the Ministry of Education closes, perhaps definitively.
The ruling, the eighth measure that expresses itself in this sense, clarifies that graduates and graduates with the "old system" can access the register.
"The ministerial measures for the exclusion of graduates have been repeatedly canceled or suspended both by the TAR of Lazio and the Council of State - explain by the College - With the last ruling of the Council of State the game seems to be closed for real because, where the executives of the ministerial offices insisted on a path so granitically disavowed by the
jurisprudence, a criminal complaint would be inevitable for circumventing the judge ".
"The President of the National College of Agrotechnics and Agrotechnics graduates, Roberto Orlandi, therefore believes that the qualifying examinations of the current year can take place with certain rules, allowing graduates - of the many graduation classes suitable to access the register. to peacefully present an application ".


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