Italian Association Gardening Centres (Aicg) was born thanks to the initial spark of Silvano Girelli (at Flover guide, together with his brothers) and Martina Schullian (eponymous garden center of Bolzano) that in view of the International Congress of the International Garden Centre Association (IGCA) - by themselves organized in September in Italy - they set out to create an association similar in Italy. In IGCA effects hosts 17 associations of garden centers located throughout the world and the garden centers of Italian industry was not represented .. The very first invitation Girelli and Silvano Martina Schullian have launched May 30, 2011 in Brescia, at the Garden Meeting organized by McSinergie the invitation was immediately received with great favor, so as to bring in a second meeting on September 15 with the collaboration of ATS Florovivaistica, in which it constitutes a working group. From these initial meetings it is in fact clearly shown the need for an association that has the objective to protect, identify, promote and represent the sector of garden centers at national and international level. The first working group is made up of: Silvano Girelli (Flover), Martina Schullian (Gärtnerei Schullian floriculture), Andrea Bardin (Bardin Garden Center), Alessandra Bidese (Floriculture Bidese), Gianluca Casella (Primula Yellow), Mark Dalle Rive (Nurseries from Rive), Bartholomew Dichio (Dichio Nurseries Garden), Stefano Donetti (Floriculture Donetti), Renato Tarabella (Green Centre Massa and the gardens of Versilia), Vittore Nicora (Nicora Garden Center), Mauro Zocca (Zocca Garden Center) and Claudio Morselli (Garden Center Morselli). A pool well articulated by a point of view of geographical origins and that counts on the presence of members of the two purchasing groups Giardinia and Garden Team.
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