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AIPV Day is the national event organized by the Italian Association of Green Professionals to offer an opportunity for professionals from the entire green sector to meet, update and study in depth. We asked Daria Bosio, president of AIPV to present the initiative to us and take stock of the association's activities.

Before talking about AIPV Day, tell us - for those who still don't know - the purpose of your association, when it was born and the objectives.
Aipv was born in 2017 to represent and protect the professional figure by creating a network of operators specialized in the care and management of greenery; to achieve these objectives, the association promotes information and training for its members by signing agreements with companies and technical consulting and training firms; represents the category at ministerial tables, encourages the exchange of experiences between members through the creation of events in the area and participating in the most important trade fairs in the sector.
In your opinion, have you succeeded in your intent to represent the supply chain of green professionals at a national level? Since - a very Italian problem - the trade associations that set this goal are already different, how does AIPV stand out?
The goal is certainly ambitious and AIPV, as well as other associations, is competing in order to strengthen the sector. The problem remains Italian because our country has territorial, cultural and political peculiarities that do not help the body spirit.
But we are in favor of promoting synergy and we think we have never hindered inclusion. Indeed, the advantage of AIPV lies in not being connoted with the single professionalism (gardener, arborist, agronomist, nurseryman, landscape architect) but in creating a network between the figures who build and manage greenery in Italy.
AIPV Day can count on many excellent partners and has already shown that more than profit they are interested in creating culture; this year's event takes place again at the Minoprio Foundation, one of the most prestigious professional schools in Italy. Is yours a collaboration that is bearing “fruits”?
Yes, the Minoprio foundation is among the best reference professional schools for our category.
With the Minoprio Foundation AIPV it has entered into an agreement that provides established professionals and young green operators with the opportunity to access a wide range of training programs, promoting professional updating and the expansion of skills.
Not just an exhibition, AIPV Day wants to be a meeting point for green professionals and in addition to field tests, a lot of attention is paid to the training and conferences. Because? What will they be?
Of course, it is part of our mission.
All with the aim of encouraging the meeting between green professionals, creating opportunities for discussion between colleagues, exchanges with the most important companies in the sector and proposing thematic insights that respond to the real needs and working problems of the professional green world, with a view to growth and updating.
The topics covered in the main conference will focus on the world of Gardener 4.0: from the sustainable management of lawns, to safety in green construction sites; to smart management for water saving to technical and alternative solutions in green roofs.
Who is this event aimed at? Who is the target you want to intercept?
They are all-round green professionals who deal with the management, design, construction and care of public and private green areas. To those of them who want to find moments of comparison, synergy and commercial contacts with companies in the sector. And as mentioned, do training.
It will be a unique opportunity to get to know and test the latest industry news firsthand and to anticipate trends in the world of professional green.
Your presence in the area is growing and is increasingly tangible, first Eima 2021, then Myplant & Garden and soon your event, do you have the perception that you are building a well-established reality for professionals?
We are doing our best to build a credible and concrete association.
More or less how many exhibitors will be present?
There will be about fifty manufacturing companies, sector associations, professional colleges, sector newspapers and publishing.


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