Ambrogio L30: a compact robot lawn mower line, precise and agile


A perfect tool for those who want to get a magnificent turf, for over 15 years on the market Ambrose has won the trust of thousands of people around the world who love their garden and ... their free time!The 30 Ambrogio line was developed for areas up to 1,600 m2 (Model L30 + Elite). Thanks to its triangular shape, the robot works perfectly for complex gardens presenting hedges, flower beds and ponds and cuts up to 4 separate areas. The programming of the robot is simple, thanks to the display of immediate use. The three models in the line 30 (Deluxe, Elite, Elite +) are equipped with: rain sensor can be deactivated, lifting sensor, sensor lawn mowed and Bluetooth receiver; They are also able to manage slopes of up to 45% with high performance even close to the perimeter wire cutting. Equipped with powerful lithium-ion battery with a long life, Ambrogio L30 does not need to work for repeated cycles continuous day and night to cut the grass in the garden: with careful planning Ambrogio L30 can rest all night (and part of the day) leaving the free garden for most of the day.It is the most advanced technology and the high quality of the materials used in Ambrose that allow users to choose when and how to activate the robot!


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