The robotic lawnmower that does not fear climbs


Created to meet the needs of even the most difficult gardens, Ambrogio Robot Quad Elite is able to tackle slopes up to 75%. Thanks to its 4-wheel drive electrically steering and the 10 Ah battery, it can handle extremely steep climbs and bumps and works efficiently even at the edge of the sloping garden (up to 65%).
Its high level of efficiency is made possible by the presence for each drive module of a traction wheel motor that allows steering in the direction of advancement of the robot.
Quad Elite moves in any direction made possible by the mobility of the steering wheels without performing risky turning maneuvers on slopes.
The compact dimensions with a square shape (only 53 cm) make the robot's movements pleasant even in more regular and linear terrain. The handles positioned on the four sides make it safe and easily transportable.
Quad Elite is also equipped with a special radar sensor that allows the robot to understand and learn where the obstacles are positioned in the garden without the need to delimit the area with the perimeter wire.
Trees, flower beds, chairs and other objects in the garden will be recognized by the Radar inserted on board the Quad which will therefore avoid hitting objects. Less shocks, more safety, longer life for the robot.

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