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Ambrogio Robot 4WD, new fleet for demanding lawns

Ambrogio Robot 4WD, new fleet for demanding lawns


In this video, Ambrogio Robot presents the 4WD fleet, which completes the innovative generation of robotic lawnmowers with new models equipped with 4-wheel drive, which allow the robots to move in a dynamic and agile way without slipping.
Ideal for cutting grass on particularly uneven, demanding terrain with steep slopes.
The already flexible and articulated bestsellers 4.0 Basic, 4.0 Elite and 4.36 Elite evolve and also become off-road, i.e. able to handle difficult areas. The main peculiarity of the 4WD fleet is therefore the ability to manage the most inaccessible areas, until now unthinkable for a robotic lawnmower.
The new 4WD fleet comprises four models.
4.0 Basic 4WD
Ambrogio Robot 4.0 Basic 4WD manages irregular terrains up to 2,200 m2, with slopes up to 60%.
Designed to work in complex situations, thanks to the 4 rubberized driving wheels, this robot can easily reach any area of the garden, including edges, with the certainty of a clean and uniform cut of grass, thanks to its joint that distinguishes the platform " smart and agile."
4.0 Elite 4WD
The 4.0 Elite 4WD model is characterized by its extreme modularity (3 types of power Unit KITs – medium – premium and Extra Premium) which, combined with the power of the 4-wheel drive, can cover up to 3,500 m2 with gradients of up to 60%. The robot embodies all the pluses of the Next Line line: flexibility, power, uniform and precise cut even on surfaces with a high degree of irregularity; enriching itself with the ability to manage even very steep terrain with dry or wet grass. The standard ZCS Connect module ensures that the robot is always manageable, even remotely, allowing GPS localization, notifications of anomalies, anti-theft and integration with voice assistants (Smart Home). A concentrate of power able to work continuously for almost 4 hours in extreme conditions.
4.36 4WD
The 4WD evolution of the 4.36 Elite model was created to meet the need for grass cutting on large and impervious green areas of up to 6,000 m2. The 4 rubber drive wheels, combined with the powerful batteries, guarantee optimal grip on any type of terrain, irregular and with extreme slopes, up to 65%.
Ambrogio Robot 4.36 4WD can also work in teams (+infinitysystem), combined with other robots in the ZCS range, to manage areas that increase over time. Remote management and control of the robot are always possible, thanks to the standard ZCS Connect module.
Quad Elite
In addition to the 3 new models, the 4WD fleet also includes the robot dedicated to impossible slopes for gardens up to 3,500 m2, released on the market in 2022. Thanks to its 4-wheel drive with electrical steering and the 10 Ah battery, Quad Elite is able to manage extremely steep climbs and bumps up to 75% and works efficiently even on sloping garden edges (up to 65%). The compact size and square shape make the robot's movements pleasant on all types of terrain. Ambrogio Robot Quad Elite is also equipped with a special RADAR sensor which allows the robot to identify many types of obstacles.

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