The range of robotic lawnmowers with artificial intelligence is born


A new generation of Ambrogio robot, with artificial intelligence on board. Zucchetti Centro Sistemi presents Vision Z, a multi-platform technology developed on the union of the most innovative and sophisticated technologies, based on multisensoristics and on the concept of neural networks.
A name that evokes the vision towards the future of robotics and beyond; Vision as the name of the superhero with a real database in the memory with the ability to analyze and process information and perform calculations in a few moments. Z as Zucchetti but also as Generation Z of the robots.
The revolutions coming with the new Vision Z platform will impact the entire Next Line, even in retrofit.
No plant and no installation (Wire Free). The perimeter wire will be abandoned and Ambrogio will become ready to use. This will be possible thanks to the inclusion of some practical applications of deep learning on the robot that will be able to self learn the specific characteristics of the garden on which it operates, move and manage the grass to be cut. The new multi-sensor combined with the optical system - equipped with a special self-cleaning mechanism - will allow autonomous navigation of the robot without any need to study the pattern first or make reconnaissance tours of the lawn to be mowed. The integration of the various technologies, algorithms and machine learning raises the intelligence on board Ambrogio in respect of full security and maximum efficiency of performance.
Predictive maintenance (My Help). Our robots are connected to the Cloud with a connect module: in the event of a fault, Ambrogio immediately communicates this anomaly to the reference engineer who in turn can indicate, by means of connection, the day and time of the future intervention, or even to avoid it. With the Internet of Things, which manages Big Data to transform it into information, robots acquire electronic personality, similar to the legal figure. We are in predictive maintenance, which allows you to anticipate the failure, prevent the error and lower all potential costs of maintenance and repair in a row. It will be Ambrogio autonomously that will open an organizational process intent on its repair.
Voice commands (Smart Assistant). The new generation of Ambrogio will be able to communicate with the various voice assistants of the major platforms (Alexa of Amazon, Apple's Siri and Google Home). The user can thus give voice commands to the robot without having to use app or display. The robot will therefore become totally autonomous and collaborative, thus advancing the collaboration between man and robot. A real dialogue with the car begins. Interaction, management and voice control for simplification and improvement of the robot's performance. Exiting as early as 2019.
Autonomous inductive charging (Back Home by Induction). Once the work cycle is over, Ambrogio will be guided towards charging from an inductive light, to recall Ambrogio to the charging base that can be carried out in two ways: the classic in contact or induction. The inductive charging comes from the desire to create robots with minimal maintenance needs.
 "Our twenty-year experience in gardening robotics drives us to be extremely critical of those approaching the industry by underestimating the enormous complexity that exists in working outside, influenced by weather conditions, in uneven areas and insidious terrain, subjected to agents and external phenomena "says Bernini" Without forgetting that the user has in the meantime become more and more demanding and requires a work of excellent quality and precision. The evolution of technology on our robots will therefore lead to an optimization of grass cutting, with more precision, simplicity and safety. We are proud to have been the pioneers of this sector that still sees us as protagonists and leaders in innovation proposals. "Concludes Bernini.
In May, an event dedicated to Artificial Intelligence is scheduled at the Terranuova Bracciolini headquarters. The key words of the event will be Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks), traceability and dematerialization to talk about the future, practical applications and innovations for a Smart Company, a Green House and a Hospital 4.0.

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