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Ambrogio Vivai srl

Ambrogio Vivai srl is the group founded by Giovanni Ambrogio, enterprising entrepreneur from Brescia. In simple principle nursery company, it specializes in time the research and development of plants, as well as ornamental, are able to bring tangible benefits to their owners. The mission of the group is reaping the benefits of nature to improve the lives of people. John Ambrose has always been a hunter of trees and is a true pioneer of research and hybridization. It was he, in fact, the first to set in Italian Kiwi years Â'70, to reveal the extraordinary properties of sweeteners Stevia of Paraguay, to discover the Catambra and to deduct the virtues of Gin Pent. Today Ambrogio Italy continues on this line, looking for new ways to improve the quality of life by helping people discover all the resources that nature provides us to stay healthy.

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Ambrogio Vivai srl
Via Ermengarda, Leno (BS)

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