Andriolo Giordano Vivai Piante



Andriolo Giordano Vivai Piante

In the early 70s Giordano Andriolo choose to give life to the nursery started in a small piece of land to cultivate ornamental plants. Over the years the company expands more and more to become what is now a company that has 8 hectares and a garden with large greenhouses have become an important selling point. The family business led by its founder Giordano Andriolo sees the collaboration of his 3 children (Silvia, Barbara and Pierpaolo) and over the years has become an important reference point in the region specializing in the design and realization of gardens and green areas, in the cultivation and in retail sale of ornamental plants, seasonal flower, vegetable garden, fruit-bearing, acidophilic, roses, perennials for rock garden, a wide choice of specific soils, fertilizers, plant protection products, bulbs, accessories for outdoor furniture such as stones, tufa and rocks, and the interior design with pots of all sizes and materials, artificial flowers, and beautiful fabrics and tapes for packaging plants. The company Nurseries Andriolo reserve a particular focus on the protection of the environment, a philosophy of thought and of life that sees daily engaged in ethical choices. One of the first steps in this important process has seen the company strong in the choice and installation of a biomass plant, that by using a processing by-product allows to provide alternative energy and not polluting to heat greenhouses. The Andriolo family daily focuses in research and insertion of product lines that use raw materials not impactful.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia
Company headquarter
Andriolo Giordano Vivai Piante
Via Matteotti 114, Osoppo (UD)

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