Animaland di Novello Romina


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Animaland di Novello Romina

The result of so much passion and experience, we represent today one of the most complete centers in Italy for the sale of purebred puppies! ... Everything has been designed in every detail to achieve their well-being and ensure that the observation period It never lasts less than thirty days, he became the most 'important stage of our work ..... eighteen years, we are the leader in our industry for the way we operate because we believe that the Hungarian puppies are the best if only treated with the respect of which any dog needs ....

We renewed our structure in the years to optimize the well-being of our puppies and brand V.I.D. (Very Important Dogs) of our registration as' a further guarantee of our transparency.


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Company headquarter
Animaland di Novello Romina
Via delle Capinere 1088, Loreo (RO)

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