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What is certain is that it will be a summer to be spent outdoors. And the desire for greenery that exploded during the lockdown months has led the Italians to rediscover their gardens, to make them pleasant places to spend their time, free and not only. But now that the warm season arrives, the mosquitoes are back too. So what to do to keep them away and to protect your outdoor spaces? GardenTV contacted companies specializing in mosquito repellent systems to find out what the innovations and innovations are and collected information on a wide range of products with different functions and suitable for different contexts.
A high-tech trap. This is how Mosquito Magnet Executive works, as explained by Paolo D’Intino, Ekommerce srl sales manager. «Mosquito Magnet Executive represents the most innovative technology applied in the mosquito capture sector. The trap simulates human breathing by catalytically converting LPG into CO2. The mosquitoes, attracted by CO2 and by special synergists Lurex and R-Octenol, approach the trap to feed on the blood meal, but as soon as they arrive near it they are hopelessly sucked and captured in the internal retina ».
How does it keep mosquitoes away?
The mosquitoes looking for a meal of blood are only the fertilized females who, thanks to the proteins obtained from the blood of their prey, will be able to complete the development of the eggs. By capturing these mosquitoes it is possible to interrupt or significantly reduce the life cycle of these insects in the external environment in which they act. The mosquitoes attracted by carbon dioxide are sucked in by a special fan and imprisoned until death that occurs due to dehydration.
How long?
It is advisable to use the Mosquito Magnet Executive trap from the moment when the temperatures are set above 15 ° C so as to capture the first hatching of the eggs. Normally the trap is kept in operation from April to September.
What are the innovative features of this system?
It is scientifically proven that mosquitoes and insects attracted to blood go towards humans following the traces of carbon dioxide produced by breathing. Mosquito Magnet Executive simulates human breathing by catalytically converting Propane Gas (LPG) to carbon dioxide. Mosquito Magnet is based on "Counterflow" technology, a special geometry that emits a calibrated mix of CO2, heat, humidity, R-octenol or Lurex, in order to attract mosquitoes and suck them into a network, exploiting their own instinct that the pushes to turn upwards as they approach the lens. The Mosquito Magnet Executive trap is part of the strategic-operational process of Integrated Mosquito Management as an ecological adulticidal action. By implementing this process through all monitoring, prevention and control activities, it will be possible to manage and control mosquito infestation to the fullest and fully enjoy your space.
Is the system manageable remotely (for example through an app)?
The system cannot be managed remotely. The Mosquito Magnet Executive trap is however equipped with cordless technology and programming of switching on and off at certain times of the day.
What size of garden is it suitable for?
The Mosquito Magnet Executive trap is suitable for medium-large spaces always evaluating the installation conditions such as the minimum distance of 8 meters from the areas where people normally stop, physical obstacles present in the space to be protected (walls, hedges) that can prevent correct CO2 and attractant propagation and prevailing winds so as to optimize the trap coverage.
Is professional intervention necessary for installation?
The installation of the Mosquito Magnet Executive trap is very simple and can be carried out after carefully reading the user manual, not necessarily requiring the intervention of a professional who, however, would be desirable for the evaluation of the spaces to be protected, the presence of minimum conditions necessary for installation, the best positioning to fully exploit its potential, system management and scheduled maintenance.
Is subsequent maintenance required after the first installation?
After the first installation, the replacement of the 10 kg propane cylinder and the replacement of the Lurex and R-Octenol synergists are required every 21 days. It is important to periodically check the catch net to prevent mosquito catching from filling up and blocking.
Pluricid is a concentrated insecticide based on detamethrin, tetramethrin and piperonylbutoxide idea 

for the control of all types of mosquitoes in outdoor environments and especially for treatments on ornamental vegetation, as explained by SMB Life Science.
How does it keep mosquitoes away?
In addition to providing the classic knock-down effect on adult mosquitoes Pluricid, thanks to its formulation and the characteristics of its active ingredients, also provides a residual effect.
How long?
The residual effect varies according to the climate, environmental conditions and the degree of infestation. In case of severe infestations the treatment can be repeated every 15 days.
What are the innovative features of this system?
The most important characteristics that distinguish Pluricid compared to other insecticides on the market are the long-lasting knock-down and residual effect ensured by the presence of two different and synergic insecticidal active ingredients, the possibility of covering large surfaces with a reduced quantity of product. and to use the insecticide directly on green areas such as hedges, bushes and tree-lined avenues.
What size of garden is it suitable for?

Pluricid is available in 2 concentrated references (250 ml - 1 L). Up to 80 liters of water can be obtained with the 250 ml pack while more than 300 liters of applicable solution can be made with the 1 liter pack, to allow repeated treatment even in the largest and richest gardens. With the 1 liter size you can cover up to 1000 square meters of surface, thus providing a tool capable of satisfying even the highest demands for dimensions to be disinfected.
Is it necessary to use a professional to use it?
Pluricid is a medical surgical device that can be freely sold and used according to the indications on the label, ideal is to integrate the use of Pluricid with larvicide products (such as Device TB-2, our larvicide anti-mosquito solution based on diflubenzuorn) and maintain clean and free of water stagnation environments.
How often should the product be used and how?
In case of severe infestations, the treatment can be repeated every 15 days, applying the insecticide after dilution in water with a shoulder pump or a pressure regulator.
Freezanz Connect is the innovative 2.0 mist spray system. Thanks to micro-atomization, Freezanz Connect systems require, for the same surface, a quantity of product 100 times less than traditional disinfestation methods.
How does it keep mosquitoes away?
One of the most effective and targeted solutions to definitively solve the problem of mosquitoes in the garden is to create a perimeter barrier that prevents mosquitoes from entering the area and that removes those already present. We install the central unit in a point where there is an electrical outlet and a connection to the water network, we position the pipe and nozzles along the perimeter, finally we fill the tanks with products, we program the machine by customizing it according to the characteristics of your garden and we start the plant.
4) DONE! Your garden is now protected from mosquitoes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How long?
What are the innovative features of this system?

Freezanz Connect systems are able to make the most of the effectiveness of the products used, as the mixture is created immediately before dispensing, thus eliminating the degradation problems that are usually created with traditional disinfestation methods, which need to find a considerable quantity of mixed product and transport it to the place to be treated. This allows Freezanz systems to use a much lower percentage of product than traditional methods, ensuring better results.
Even the problems related to atmospheric agents, to which traditional disinfestation methods are very exposed, are significantly reduced with Freezanz systems, because the automatic and daily management of the nebulizations does not allow the effectiveness of the product to be compromised by rain or by presence of irrigation systems.

Is the system manageable remotely (for example through an app)?

Through WiFi technology, you can in fact monitor the Freezanz Connect system at any time, even miles away, and observe its status, the level of the products, know the times of the programmed cycles, start a spray and, in case of bad weather, suspend it the execution.

What size of garden is it suitable for?

For any surface, from the small garden to the park.
Is professional intervention necessary for installation?

The installation must be carried out by our authorized technician, possibly we also have a machine with insta

The do-it-yourself action called Zhalt Evolution.
Is subsequent maintenance required after the first installation?

Thanks to the assistance and maintenance service, you will be able to enjoy the assistance of a qualified technician who will constantly follow the system, guaranteeing punctuality in product refills, so as never to remain unprotected, accurate periodic checks of the system, replacement of components subject to wear, optimal cleaning and resting of the system for the winter period.
Thermacell offers a range of devices - portable, lanterns, torches ... - that allow protection from mosquitoes over an area of 20 square meters. The use of the devices is simple and the total protection guaranteed by the repellent effect of the insecticide plate, heated by a can of butane gas or by the gas cartridge. Thermacell products can be used at home in the garden, on the terrace or on the patio.
iZanz includes a complete line of misting systems adaptable to any garden and terrace. The perimeter disinfection system is effective against any mosquito strain. The control unit produces, through a series of small nozzles placed approximately every 4 meters of the perimeter of the area to be protected, a very fine mist composed of water and natural pyrethrum with a very low percentage. The fog is automatically emitted every 60-90 seconds only at sunrise and sunset to target only mosquitoes and not useful insects.
The led light bulb Mosquito Killer is effective against mosquitoes without damaging the environment. The 9 watt led lamp emits a light equal to 60 watts, while the Killer Blue light, which attracts and eliminates mosquitoes, consumes only 1 watt if switched on by itself. It can also be used as a night light. The lamp is equipped with a lamp holder that allows you to position it in any electrical outlet without the need for a chandelier.
BLUMEN - Mixture of anti-mosquito flowers
Blume's “Blast the mosquitoes” Flower Mix is a mixture of annual flowers suitable for keeping unwanted insects away. The varieties that compose it give off a pleasant lemon smell, which naturally keeps mosquitoes away.
CIFO - Insecticide Fenthrin
Cifo's Fenthrin concentrated insecticide has a specific formulation highly active against a large number of flying insects and can also be used on vegetation. It acts by contact and ingestion and has a strong killing and flushing power against unwanted insects. The product is ideal against mosquitoes, it can be used on outdoor plants for treatments in green areas, tree-lined avenues, bushes, hedges and lawns. It is used throughout the year when the first sightings of unwanted insects appear.
ORVITAL - Larvicida Flortis
In the Flortis anti-mosquito range, "Alt Larve Mosquitoes" is a new generation product for eco-friendly and environmentally friendly control of larvae. It is a liquid silicone-based product easily applicable on the surface of stagnant and still waters, on which it forms a very thin film that covers its entire extension. It is effective for at least 4 weeks and is not dangerous to health, nor does it have negative effects on the aquatic environment.
COPYR - Larvicidal mosquito tablets
Copyr's antilateral insecticide counteracts the normal development of mosquitoes in stagnant waters, in manholes, drains, wolves, saucers and stagnations in general. Based on the pyriproxyfen growth regulator, it is active at low dosages and has a long residual action against the larval forms of all mosquitoes, while the addition of Denatonium benzoate limits the possibility of accidental ingestion. For continuous treatment, one tablet is recommended every 3-4 weeks.
COMPO - Insecticide anti mosquito
Compo anti-mosquito insecticide is a microencapsulated concentrate in aqueous suspension, characterized by a long residual action. Its use is intended for treatments in green areas, such as tree-lined avenues, parks, gardens, lawns, ornamental hedges. It has a prolonged insecticidal action up to 4 weeks, particularly useful in places subject to re-infestation, without releasing unpleasant odors or damaging the surfaces where it is applied.
KOLLANT - Insecticide Foval CE
Foval CE by Kollant is a powerful insecticide effective against mosquitoes in vegetation (grass, hedges, bushes, tree-lined avenues) and other flying insects.

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