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Antonio D'Amico srl

Our company was founded in the early 1900s, the founder, Antonio D'Amico began his activities, first as a mechanic of tractors and agricultural machines and later as a dealer of such machines.
Over the years and with the gradual succession of new generations, always keeping a company run by the family, it has diversified its sales market, until 30 years ago, it was decided to enter professionally in the field of forest fires and Gardening .

The distribution of our products is exclusive to the regions Marche, Abruzzo and Molise, where there is a large network of Ns. Retailers. In addition to offering the tech machines. Customer Service / Customer employs a considerable spare parts warehouse and a center-care, with their own equipped workshop.

Today the Ns. House, located in the industrial area of Macerata (Sforzacosta), working in a modern and welcoming environment; the current management is for 10 years in the hands of people inseritesi giovanissimamente in company, motivated by the strong expansion of the market, so we are always looking for innovative products and with important and well known brands to offer to our customers, such as: Honda, Echo, Cub Cadet.

Our plans for the future are: the continuous search for innovative prodoti that allow the Operator to work with less expenditure of energy, using more efficient machines, and the expansion of Ns. Network / Sell up so that a growing number of users able to use the products we market, guaranteeing a greater and effective assistance and professionalism.

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Antonio D'Amico srl
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