Aperitif and workshop with herbs


It will be a day to celebrate the arrival of spring, the special guest company, which will take visitors on a journey into the world of herbs, through tastings and workshops for children. Sunday, April 2 doors open to the garden stori Agri Brianza Concorezzo along with Florovivaista Alessandro Magagnini Recalcati, TV host of Unomattina transmission and author of the book "The jewel in the crown."
The program from 10:30 to 12:30 tasting of plants, the creation of green cake, made from edible herbs cakes, and hats that Magagnini packs with live plants. Then in the afternoon, at 15.30 and 17 Nature Lab, discovered the orchard with the 5 senses, a workshop for children.
"Alessandro Magagnini - explanatory Agri Brianza - grew up in contact with nature and his passion for plants is really compelling! The Aperitif with Nature is a tasting journey through the different species of herbs that grow in our gardens. During Alessandro tell tastings with verve and sympathy all the properties of herbs, as well as providing advice on how to use them for our health and beauty!
During the workshops, Alessandro Magagnini drag children aged 5 to 10 years to discover the vegetable and herbs wonders, teaching them how to recognize them and enjoy them! When the children can take home a floor plan of their favorite herb and continue to cultivate it and of course to use it to flavor their favorite foods. "


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