The apple of discord. A sustainable dinner


It took place on 22 May in the engaging frame of Expo Milano, the unprecedented performance of cine-theater entitled The Apple of Discord. A dinner-sustainable ", promoted by Agrofarma - National Association agrochemicals companies that is part of Federchimica - and staged by the theater company Those of Grock.The play, made through a unique mix of film projection and live performance, accompanied the public through a process of reflection wry and engaging on the issues most debated scenario agriculture and food. At the center of the exhibition four friends, each characterized by remarkable peculiarity, that, during a seemingly quiet and ordinary dinner with friends, they end up being overwhelmed by a funny and at times heated discussion about what we eat. To bring peace and tranquility but we think the final Earth, a figure which, with its ancient memory, invites viewers to not ignore the importance of progress and innovation. the environment around us.After the performance, a panel discussion moderated by Mario Pappagallo, head of service of the BBC, has seen the participation of important institutional guests, such as Andrea Barella, President Federchimica-Agrofarma, Antonio Boselli, part of the National Board of Confagricoltura with delegation for the Expo, Chiara Tonelli, Professor of Genetics at the University of Milan and President of the Scientific Commission of the Veronesi Foundation, and Father Giacomo Costa SJ, Director of Social Updates. Protagonists of the debate, which took its cue from the play, some of the main themes proposed by Expo Milano, such as food safety, the myths in agriculture and the need to reach the UN target for Zero Hunger, thanks to the indispensable contribution made by agricultural chemicals for the care and protection of crops."The formula of the theater allowed us, for the first time ever, to talk about issues at the heart of the debate in an Expo not only clear and open, but also funny - said Andrea Barella, President of Federchimica-Agrofarma - L 'aim was to stimulate a comparison that helps each of us to question and deepen, drawing from sources scientifically validated, before giving for granted certain prejudices about the safety of what we eat and the contribution of chemistry to sustainability. ""


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