Apples and Alto Adige: no pesticides


Each year in South Tyrol is collected 10% of the apples grown in Europe. And every year gallons of pesticides and pesticides are sprayed. Too many according to residents of Malles, in Val Venosta. Together they have formed a protest culminated in a referendum by the unprecedented result. 75% of voters expressed for the banning of pesticides on the entire common vedostano. A great victory for the more than 40 thousand Italian organic farms that next year will be count on other 1800 friends. Many are in fact the company gathered in the fruit of the Cooperativa Val Venosta which annually produces 350 thousand tons of apples. The result of the referendum does not surprise me. In order to live we must gradually reduce the use of pesticides, "explains Dr. Claudio Porrini, entomologist at the University of Bologna, for months engaged on the side of farmers in South Tyrol and expert in the area where, in narrow valleys grove alternate with small towns villages and forests. "The organic crops are a target but get there gradually," continues Porrini, always aware of what's happening in the Italian scene. One of first ten in the world for organic acreage with a record of 1.3 million hectares. 13% more than in 2013. A nice step forward, but still not enough considering that the percentage of land cultivated organically on a total of only 9%."

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