Arboriculture and training: conference at Myplant


Within the focus that this year Myplant&Garden dedicates to arboriculture, one of the main events is the conference "Arboriculture, training and certifications", which sees the collaboration of the Agricultural School of the Monza Park and the Minoprio Foundation. Appointment Thursday 23 February, at 2 pm, in the exhibition spaces of Fiera Milano. GardenTV will be among the participants, to talk about video and safety, and illustrate the results of the important "Safe on Trees" campaign.
“Trees and greenery require more and more professionalism”.
"Arboriculture - underlined by the Agricultural School of the Monza Park - is a real discipline that requires knowledge and skills with continuous updates that draw on new knowledge in the scientific and technical world".
For this reason, within Myplant&Garden this year space was dedicated to a specific conference on this profession, in particular from the point of view of training and required certifications.
For information, you can contact the organizing secretariat by writing to

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