Arboriculture and safety, information is needed


Recently recognized as a professional figure, that of the arborist is a profession that requires continuous training and updating, especially in the field of safety. Security that not only protects the operators, but also citizens through proper management of green areas.
To address the issue of training, safety and professionalism of the arborist, a conference was organized within Myplant & Garden 2023.
The initiative was proposed jointly by the two major training institutions, at national level, the Monza Park Agricultural School and the Minoprio Foundation, and had among the speakers Simona Savi and Sergio Bertinelli - ATS prevention technicians - Francesca Ludovisi and Sabrina Marciano, from Inapp, the National Institute for the analysis of public policies and Andrea Baffigo, director of GardenTV, to illustrate the results of the "Safe on Trees" campaign.
The campaign, which had the patronage of the two schools, of ATS della Brianza and the support of Echo as technical sponsor, was created precisely to respond to a need for information on occupational safety issues by arborists.
The videos (visible at this link) have collected almost 42,000 views on YouTube alone in just a few months, to which must be added those of the other social and digital channels on which they were broadcast. These data show that the campaign has intercepted the request for new, authoritative, but also innovative and better usable methods for providing information on these issues, in an area that is particularly attentive to the quality of content such as that of arboriculture.

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