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London arboricologists at "school" in Turin

London arboricologists at "school" in Turin


There was talk of tree management and then, in particular, the management of platinum-colored cancer within the two days of technical meetings held in Turin, and attended by a delegation of dozens of British arboricologists in LTO, London tree officers association.
A moment of exchange of knowledge that the City of Turin hosted with great satisfaction: "LTOO is a prestigious English association that collects public technicians, professionals and companies operating in the world of arboriculture and which aims to enhance and improve the management of the urban forest. The United Kingdom is one of the indisputable patriots of ornamental arboriculture and therefore is an honor, as well as the yet another testimony of the credit that Turin public green has out of national boundaries, which a delegation of experts has chosen the City of Turin take a study trip. The delegation's main interest was linked to platelet-colored cancer, a disease that has not yet been detected in England, on which the City of Turin has a well-established prevention and management experience, "reads the website of the municipality.
Collaboration with LTO was born in 2015 when Turin Public Service was asked to hold a seminar in London on platinum-colored cancer management and the interest of London's arboriculture to deepen the theme led to the organization of this travel.
"Two days of meetings - it is still read on the site of the City of Turin - and visits that had the central theme of managing this disease but which were also the occasion for an exchange of overall experiences on the subject of care management of the trees in the urban environment and urban forests, with the participation and collaboration of the Phytosanitary Service of the Piedmont Region, which has the role of disease control, DISAFA (Department of Agrarian, Forestry and Food Sciences) of the University of Turin, which is currently carrying out important research routines on urban management strategies for SIA (Italian Society of Arboriculture) and private partners such as Mati, Climbcare and Arboteam Plants ".
It has been possible for London technicians, among other things, to assist in the operations of killing a plant infected with colored cancer in Corso Casale, with a construction site complying with compulsory law enforcement (DM 29 February 2012) and with application of the controlled abatement techniques.
In addition, the British visited the Manifattura Tabacchi 32 Manifattura Manifattura (Manifattura Tabacchi 32), where the Platanor® Vallis Clausa disease platelet clone was discussed with the holder of the Mati Nursery Plant, which has the exclusive license for marketing in Italy.

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