Arborshow, the first arboriculture exhibition


The first thematic show dedicated entirely to arboriculture and urban forestry arrives: Arborshow is scheduled in Erba, Lariofiere, from 17 to 19 May, inside Forlener.
The invitation is addressed "to all those involved in the management and enhancement of the urban tree heritage and in the peripheral areas for a better quality of life in the city", reads the presentation of the initiative on the website
The show, which sees the scientific collaboration of 3T Education, will develop into three sections: a commercial section with stands and exhibition areas where to find products and services for arborists, for those who design, build and manage public and private urban green spaces, including urban forests; a meeting section with meetings for discussion and in-depth analysis of topics related to arboriculture such as knowledge of tree architecture, phytosanitary diagnostics and assessment of tree stability; finally the demonstration section on an external square of the fairgrounds and in a nearby urban park for tests of equipment for pruning and cutting of wood, tests on accessories and individual protection devices used in Treeclimbing.
Particular attention will also be given to the enhancement of urban wood from a circular economy perspective, both with experiences in the recovery of urban wood with examples of small craftsmanship and design, and in the activation of local production chains.

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