Our company operates since 1992 in the 'ornamental arboriculture activities; in particular we perform pruning, felling controlled, milling stumps, spraying of trees for control of the most common plant diseases, supply and installation of anchoring systems for static and dynamic consolidation of trees or parts of them, supplying and planting trees , treatment for root development with injector pole with micorrizogeni-biostimulants products, construction of barriers for root protection on construction sites by digging with air swords etc.
In order to carry out the work described above, we use state of the art of tree climbing or use of technical platforms using ropes, winches, clutches and everything you need to take action with confidence in compliance with safety regulations and any rules regarding cutting of trees in the urban environment. Our interventions are performed with advanced techniques respecting each criteria of modern arboriculture thanks to continuous training and retraining of all employees.
Our arborists are land surveyors in possession of the mandatory certification for work at height as required by Legislative Decree 235/03 and dell'abilitazione mandatory use of PLE as provided by 'art. 73, paragraph 4 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08; They are also certified E.T.W. (European Tree Worker climbing / plattform) and E.T.T. (European Tree Technician) after passing the certification exam at the Italian Society of Arboriculture under the European Council Arboricoltural supervision.

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Trentino Alto Adige
Company headquarter
Via Giotto 19, Bolzano (BZ)

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