Archi method: new analysis to care the trees


Learning to understand the trees to take care and manage them well. This is the theme of the conference which was held in Bergamo on October 21, at the Kilometro Rosso i.Lab. Guest, Christophe Dreou, for the first intervention of the Italian School of Montpellier, who since the seventies deals with architecture of the trees and that more recently developed method "Arches" for diagnosing vitality of trees, a visual method and based on observation. In this video the interviews conducted by GardenTV during the conference, organized by Formazione 3T, Centre national de la propriété forestière Verde sostenibile. With the method Archi, the tree is seen as a modular organism that develops according to their genes, depending on its complexity and structural environment in which he lives. The originality of this approach lies in creating models of growth and form architectural elements that provide intuitive and simple to arrive at a correct diagnosis of the health of the tree and for the design of future interventions of care and management.

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