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Area Verde

Green Area was born 15 years ago by the passion for the green of Igor Zazzaron and his family.

Green Area specializes in creating and restoring landscapes with a special focus on environmental sustainability. We deal with private and public spaces: parks, small city gardens, pools, terraces and hanging gardens. From green to residential and business-productive settlements, to didactic schools, schools and sports activities, to the exploitation of tourist facilities, territorial analyzes, environmental redevelopments, landscape studies and green plans. We follow all the steps from site analysis to design, from site building to maintenance over time.

Passion and enthusiasm, along with continuous studies, researches and insights, make us able to tackle any kind of problem inherent in landscape architecture through an interdisciplinary approach. A teamwork between professionals from various fields, skills and capabilities with the goal of combining technique, architecture and style with respect to natural equilibria. If you have a green space to fit, wherever it is, we will be happy to propose solutions that are able to understand and meet your needs, integrated gardens in the surrounding environment where character, personality and every detail will make them unique.

Green Area produces and sells meadow rolls and deals with laying advice.

You can find us

Veneto, Lombardia
Company headquarter
Area Verde
Via Due Pont, 44, Dueville (VI)

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