Art gardener: a new job opportunity


A new professional figure and a new job opportunity in the countryside: the Ministry of Culture has announced that in the Recovery Plan there will also be funds for Italian historical parks and that the "Art Gardener" will be born to take care of them.
A professional with interdisciplinary and specialist skills.
The new professional figure will have to be trained to have skills in various subjects, such as landscape history, gardening, phytopathology, botany, agronomy, and be able to master techniques, materials, planting and care of plants, as well as their prevention and regeneration. .
"The" art gardener "can thus become a professional who will strengthen the skills and competences in the management and maintenance of green areas of historical and cultural value, supporting local administrations in managing the conservation problems of these assets and filling the lack of specialized skills in this very important area which has represented an excellence in our history, known all over the world: the Italian garden ».
In the Next Generation Eu relaunch and resilience plan, 300 million euros are foreseen for historic parks and gardens. The plan provides for the restoration and enhancement as well as the integration of the existing census and the consequent digitization of the cultural assets that are inside parks and gardens.

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