Profession gardener of art


Make the art gardener - one who takes care of the enhancement and maintenance of parks of historical and cultural interest - a professionally recognized figure. This is the proposal that comes from the Royal Palace of Venaria, along with other Piedmontese realities, such as the Superintendence of Architectural Heritage and the Italian Parks and Gardens Association.
Just in Venaria the fourth course for gardeners specialized in historical and public gardens has started. The theme was addressed - according to ANSA - in a conference of experts held in Turin in recent days, which also revealed the need to bring the topic under discussion at Mibact, the Ministry for cultural heritage.
"The shortcomings in the formation of the gardener figure are well known to those who deal with historical gardens - said Ansa Mario Turetta, director of the Savoy Residences Consortium - it is a professional figure that must be recognized and promoted. Like that of the restorer. Italy has so many gardens that need it. "18 young gardeners take part in the course that takes place in Venaria, some of the former editors who work in the Gardens of Versailles, Caserta and other Reggias".


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