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Aspirators for hobbyists and professionals: proposals for autumn

Aspirators for hobbyists and professionals


During the fall, vacuum cleaners are important "allies" of those who work in the countryside. There are many models on the market, which differ in size, power and purpose, just to name a few features. For this GardenTV asked companies to indicate their flagship product or the novelty for the season 2017.

Billy Goat has introduced a sucker wheel equipped with a new "Quietvac" technology to make it the quietest vacuums in the world. Moreover its unique filtering system with the exclusive sovrasacco cyclonic dust drastically reduces the escape of dust during the suction phases.
"The QVC550HSP model for professional use - explains Diego Dalla Vecchia - presents a special auger structure with a new fan ensures a very strong vacuum; It is ideal for use on hard surfaces such as shopping areas, schools, hospitals, parks, airports pedestrian areas, streets and sidewalks.
The special cyclonic filtration system optimizes suction capacity dell'aspirafoglie. The debris and dust following this circular motion generated in the dust Dust Stock sovrasacco a very low voltage electrostatic. Dust, ejected from the main lot, is then collected and retained by sovrasacco dust thanks to the special material it is made the bag that uses the electrostatic voltage generated by the cyclonic flow. In this way the powder is retained by the bag and not dispersed in the air as in normal sucker ".
The QV550HSP model is the first sucker with hydrostatic transmission that makes this agile machine and easy to maneuver even in tight spaces.
In your opinion what are the advantages and strengths
"The QV550HSP model - continues Dalla Vecchia - is the first sucker equipped with hydrostatic transmission that makes this machine agile and easy to maneuver in tight spaces thanks to the pivoting front wheels. The bag is easily fixable to the frame with quick coupling hooks.
Supplied with the machine dust sovrasacco be applied to the standard bag to catch the dust. For use only in dry conditions. Based on advanced technology Dust Stock.
Thanks to the steering clutches positioned on the handlebar dell'aspirafoglie will be very easy maneuverability in the tightest spaces.
The suction pipe kit "On board" has the purpose of allowing the suction of leaves and other material from under the bushes and in other places where the machine can not easily reach.

Company: Billy Goat
Model: QV 550 HSP
Engine: Honda GX 160 OHV
Displacement: 160 cc
Starter: A self winding cable
Working width: 84 cm
Collection bag capacity: 136 lt. (Top loading)
Shell: In high strength steel
Handlebar: Rubber Comfort Grip
Work mouth: In high-density polyethylene
Fan: In steel, 6 blades from 6.4 mm
front wheels Ø: version - 19 cm
rear wheels Ø: 13x5.00-6
db sound pressure (A): 97 LWA
Operator sound pressure db (A): 77 dB
Weight: 102.5 kg
Optional accessories: suction hose kit "On Board"

Black+Decker offers a full range of blowers / vacuums / flush shredders, four models with different features and performance. The range is completed by an innovative model with 36V lithium battery - 2.0 Ah (cod. GWC3600L20).
"The tool - explains Daniela Mancino Trade Marketing Specialist Outdoor Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. - has three functions: blows, vacuums and shreds the collected leaves. It features a double handle and two interchangeable tubes to pass in a practical and fast from the blower mode to vacuum mode. The lithium battery makes the balanced product also allows absolute freedom to recharge at any time without memory effect and adjust the speed, providing the power and autonomy necessary to complete the work. "
Who is the ideal user of the product?
"The ideal user of a product of this type lithium - continues Daniela Mancino - is definitely a careful and environmentally friendly person, able to appreciate the absence of harmful emissions of this technology. He is a person who prefers to work in a more comfortable, with a low level of vibration and noise, characteristics that a product with the lithium battery is able to satisfy in a much more efficient combustion of a tool. It is a user working on a medium-sized surface and choose to do so with complete freedom of movement without cable stress and with all the convenience that a tool lithium can offer compared to a combustion product. "

Company: Black + Decker
Model: QW-GWC3600L20
Power: 36 V - 2.0 Ah
Charging time: 70 '
blowing speed 218 km / h
Shredding ratio: 71
Suction volume: 3.4 m3 / min
Powerselect selector
Collection bag capacity: 17.5 l
additional handle
Shoulder Strap
ergonomic design

Tornado is a compact, high performance vacuum by Negri, suitable for clearing large areas such as parks, gardens, sports grounds etc., of grass, leaves and other light-waste material.
This vacuum is equipped with a suction pipe (diameter 200 mm, length 6 m), which is light, wear resistant, reliable and allows a comfortable handling.
The suction is created by a fan (diameter 390 mm) powered by a petrol engine or by a PTO for the tractor versions. The number of the fan’s ejection blades varies according to the engine power: 3 blades for the 9hp engine, 4 blades for 13hp and 14hp engines, 8 blades for the 21hp engine and the tractor version. The inner part of the machine body, which is subject to wear and abrasion, is completely replaceable in an easy and quick way; by replacing it, you can avoid the machine body to be damaged.
The engine versions have a belt transmission with a centrifugal clutch, whereas the tractor version has two belts and a gearbox.
Tornado has been designed to be hooked onto the sideboards of lorries or pickups and to discharge the sucked material directly into the loading platform thanks to its rotary ejection pipe with adjustable throw depth.
In order to make the machine loading and unloading operations on/off the lorries’ sideboards easier, a special, folding lift carriage has been developed. Thanks to this device, one single person can work easily and in complete safety. The leaf vacuum can also be provided with a homologated street carriage, with either a fixed or a height adjustable drawbar.
This machine is simple, sturdy, reliable, easy to handle and versatile: the ideal machine for professional users.
All versions are built in conformity with the latest security norms in force.

Company: Negri
Model: Tornado
Diameter suction pipe: 200 mm
Suction hose length: 6 m
Fan Diameter: 390 mm
Motor power: 9 hp, 13 hp, 14 hp, 21 hp
Number of blades: 3 to 8 in relation to the power of the engine

The vacuum cleaner 400 Turbo is a high-powered professional machine, used by maintenance personnel to clean difficult to reach areas. The novelty is now the version in tractor with trailer coupling, as explained Roberto Peruzzo, owner of Peruzzo srl.
"Among the improvements and innovations of this product - he says - there are an increased suction power with a fan design and a new propeller chopper to reduce the volume of crop produced.
The collection hopper mouth has been made more ergonomic and equipped with supporting wheels double for less straining the operator, and thus ensure greater ease of work.
Finally, to give long-term reliability and interchangeability, the wear parts are constructed in high-strength steel ".
The average user is the small and medium contractor but continues Peruzzo, "we must say that several farms and houses were equipped with our vacuum, to collect large volumes of leaves, where there are trees important."

Company: Peruzzo
Model: 400 Turbo Petrol
Fans: 4 in Hordox
Security Engine immobilizer
Weight: 170 kg
Dimensions: 150x65x140

The Stihl products that belong to this category are the models SH 56 and SH 86 and are powered by endo-combustion engines. "The model SH 56 is the ideal solution for cleaning medium-sized surfaces - explains Francesco Del Baglivo, product marketing manager - while the SH model 86 is more suitable for large surfaces. Both are ideal for vacuuming leaves and light debris from corners, wells, channels, paths, flower beds, etc. ".
Both models have the characteristic of having the suction and blower. "The principle of operation of the aspirators - shredders operates thanks to a fan - continues Del BAILIFF - 3 are applied to this steel blades which act as shredder reducing the volume of the dry leaves up to ¼ of the initial one. The vacuumed material is collected and shredded inside a bag 45 liters, which is carried on the shoulder. A rear hinge allows tilting. The technology of the 2-Mix engine provides high performance and low environmental impact thanks to lower fuel consumption. "
Who is the ideal user of the product?
"The model SH 56 is designed for demanding home use - meets Francesco Del Baglivo - seeking high performance and ease of use. The version SH 86 is more suitable for professional use, thanks to its low vibration level (Stihl vibration system) and a higher flow rate of intake air (770 m 3 / hour). In addition, this model is equipped as standard with round nozzle and the flat to be used during the blowing function. "

Company: Stihl
Model: SH 86
Displacement cm³: 27.2
Power kW: 0.8
Power CV: 1.1
Weight kg: 5.6
Sound pressure level dB (A): 93
sound power level dB (A): 106
Vibration value left m / s: 2.5
Vibration value on the right m / s²: 2.5
Air flow cf / min: 453
Air flow rate m³ / h: 770
Max. Airflow m3 / h: 810
Max. Air flow cf / min: 477
Collection bag capacity l: 45
Oz Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.9
Tank capacity l: 12:44


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