Asproflor presents data on the trend of floriculture


The "Comuni Fioriti" competition is an initiative that, in addition to promoting green tourism, also wants to be an incentive for the floriculture sector. For this reason, Asproflor (the national association of floricultural growers who organizes it) has taken the opportunity to present the new edition to also make a point on the trend of this market sector.
Here are the dots collected and disseminated by the association: "Asproflor has found, through the Chambers of Commerce system, that upstream of all the organizational effort it does to make it emerge and lust to our Countries and Fiorite Cities there are about 25,000 companies active in the production of flowers and plants. The turnover of the floricultural sector is 1 billion and 800 million euros, the total of the companies with the induction is 47,400 companies that generate a turnover of about 4 billion euros representing more than 6% of the agricultural PLV more than oil and wine . The production takes place on an area of about 30,000 hectares, employing about 120,000 production units. The total turnover of European floricultural companies is nearly 20 billion euros. "
The sector - still according to figures collected and disseminated by Asproflor - despite an important economic crisis is able to generate an active balance between import and export of 180 million euros, our country imports about 320 million euros only from ' Netherlands and 190 million from other countries but we export to Europe 690 million euros. "
Among the critical issues, Asproflor highlights the impossibility of accessing Community support linked to a specific OCM, neither to producers, nor to support exports, nor to improve the organization of supply and marketing.
"To help the industry tackle the crisis," said Renzo Marconi, chairman of Asproflor, as a producer, we have taken charge of the Fioriti Commune initiative, copying it from other states, which in almost all European countries are headed by the Ministry of Tourism. The flowering competition, in addition to being an excellent spatial marketing activity, also represents an opportunity for development and growth for the sector. "
"In addition, in concert - added the vice-president Sergio Ferraro - with other national associations and through the newborn National Coordinator of Florovivaismo and Landscape has been required a measure of defecalization of green works to restore momentum and development to the industry, it is therefore necessary To raise, through appropriate and synergistic measures, the whole chain. "

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