Asproflor: green spacers for schools


At the end of the two summer days that saw him busy in Pomaretto, the new board of directors of Asproflor has decided to deliver a green prize to four “flowery schools”.
Institutions will receive green spacers for classrooms.
The four schools awarded last year at the Comune Fiori-to National Meeting will benefit from this: the Comprehensive Institute of Pianezza (TO), the Ferrari secondary school of Avigliana (TO), the Olivetti secondary school of Aglie '(TO), the 'Municipal nursery school of Gattinara (VC).
In the next few days, the president Asproflor Sergio Ferraro and his staff will make agreements with school heads to identify the most appropriate solutions to include greenery in the classrooms.
It is not the first intervention of this type in Italy, but Asproflor, which has always been involved in the dissemination of the culture of greenery and beauty, considers it particularly significant to take this particular opportunity to raise awareness among teachers and students and support them in the moment of resumption of educational activities.
Another initiative at the starting line is the National Tree Festival, which will take place on November 21st: the collaboration with the Twin Tree foundation with which Asproflor intends to involve the Municipalities hosting a pediatric hospital for offer them the beauty and usefulness of a tree to be planted in the structure.


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