Asproflor rewards flowering schools


On the final day of the EIMA exhibition in Bologna, world fair of agricultural mechanization was held the award ceremony of the National House of Commons Bloom competition, in the prestigious auditorium of the Convention Center of Europe about 135 cities Fair and countries from all over Italy have gathered to receive prizes.
The organization by dell'Asproflor, national association representing approximately 100 companies nurserymen, wanted in this context to, among others, a special recognition to schools that have involved children in an educational project and to knowledge of the world the green and the flowers.
The Comprehensive School District Mussotto and Left Tanaro of Alba, in the province of Cuneo won the prize raffled by Bayer, sponsor of the event, realizing the project "from seed to table - teaching greenhouse experience" in which children have including the importance of healthy eating through compliance with the nature and the environment. Exciting for them to share an experience together to cultivate a small vegetable garden with seedlings of vegetables and flowers, indoor or outdoor.
The Municipal Nursery School peer "War Memorial" Gissi Chieti won the "Fiorita School" prize of Asproflor, for the commitment of the children and their teachers in landscaping of the municipal park. The aim was to raise awareness, through an educational path, even the little ones to the respect and care of the environment, particularly by using recycled materials and contribute with a greater sense of civic duty and aesthetic feel of the urban decor and protagonists the beauty of their country.
Both prizes are €. 500,00 flower products to be used next season.
"Admirable to see so many young performers for a great scene in a flowery village - says Renzo Marconi, president of Asproflor- in the future, when the world is in their hands with great responsibility will continue to teach what they have learned from these experiences and ensure to continue its efforts to see the world of the future "even bloom.


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