Florovivaismo: united for the ecobonus


New presence among civilian parties, 17 speakers and 10 representatives of associations, both business and non-governmental, involved. "All on the same side, to make system and to agree on what is now a real need not only to revive the economy of a sector, but to our health: tax deduction as an incentive for green works." The round table organized by Assofloro was held in Milan to discuss green as a development element with a special emphasis on the theme of defecation of garden works.
Presenting Senator Gianluca Susta, who underlined the importance of a work of awareness on this subject, and Mr Maurizio Bernardo who, in anticipation of the Stability Law, launched the proposal for a seminar with the support of technicians and professionals.
Ettore Prandini of Coldiretti wished in her speech a greater sensitivity on the part of politics and institutions, so that the financial cover needed for tax evasion would be found.
Nada Forbici, President of Assofloro Lombardia and a member of the Consultative Committee of the President of the Sixth Finance Commission, insisted on the value of the new allied presence for the growers for deductions. There are numerous experts and representatives of associations and bodies who have alternated with the
The work will continue with the next meeting in Montecitorio on September 27, at the Sala della Lupa, where the business system and the institutions will expose the Government to a measure on the Budget Law, which can, through tax deduction, stimulate a green Quality for a sustainable environment to support the business system.


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