Astori spa



Astori spa

Astori Spa, since 1907 the hardware wholesale and retail, rooted in the territory to provide the private to the great industry. With over 70,000 items in stock we always try to meet every need of our customers, thanks to the quality products of our suppliers. The new headquarters in Montichiari covers an area of 77,000 square meters, of which 23,000 are covered. The structure is divided into two parts, in one there is the hardware, with its fully stocked parts departments (tools, plumbing, carpentry, agriculture, automotive, motorcycle, hardware and household); the other side is placed the large stock of steel products (beams, pipes, plates, etc.) with the cut lines and drilling.


Since 1907

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Company headquarter
Astori spa
Via Calcinatella 7, Montichiari (BS)

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